SmartTag FAQ

1.    Why do I need to know how active my pet are?

Your pets cannot tell you how active or healthy they are. The SmartTag means you can monitor their lifestyle for them. With all of us living busy lives, we can't always spend as much time as we'd like with our pets, so we could miss minor changes in their health and activity levels. If your dog was regularly walking around 9000 steps a day 3 months ago, but is now walking just 6000 steps, it could be a sign that something is wrong with its health. It would be almost impossible to detect this without continual tracking data.

2.    How long can it operate for each charge?

When fully charged, the SmartTag operates for around 7 days. Every time data is synced with the mobile app, users will be able to check the remaining battery power. Due to the nature of any lithium polymer battery, charge will fall away significantly when it's at less than 30%, and the battery may shut down. It's recommended that users recharge batteries at around 30%.

3.    Is it waterproof?

The SmartTag meets IP67 standards which means it's waterproof and could be submerged 1m below water level for more than 30 minutes. Your pet could swim wearing it! (In fact, your cat can do it if it likes swimming!). The SmartTag is also totally dust proof.

4.    Can small pets use it?

YES, the SmartTag is very light so it's fine for small pets.

5.    How can I make sure my SmartTag is fully charged?

When charging your SmartTag on its docking station, the light on the SmartTag will turn on. It will go off when fully charged.

6.    Is it a location tracker?

PETBLE SmartTag is a health management device that monitors your pet's activity. It's not a location tracker. We believe that if owners have a better understanding of the health of their pets, it gives both pets and their owners an easier and happier life.

7.    Can it work with various collar size?

Each PETBLE SmartTag comes with a silicone ring so you can attach it to your pet's collar. The SmartTag will attach to any collar size up to an inch wide (25mm). That said, metal chains may prove too thick for the SmartTag to be attached.

8.    What's in the box?

Each box contains:
- PETBLE SmartTag
- Docking station for charging
- USB charging cable (no data transfer capability)
- Silicone ring
- Printed user guide

9.    It is likely to explode like some mobile phone batteries or portable chargers?

No. When the SmartTag is in operation the voltage and current are too low to cause the battery to overheat. As long as the SmartTag is recharged in the docking station supplied, the level of current is controlled and the circuit will cut off when the battery is fully charged.

10.  What colors are available?

Currently the SmartTag is available in Lemon and Violet.

SmartBowl FAQ

1.    Is it waterproof?

While the entire SmartBowl isn't waterproof, all you need to do to clean the food container (the transparent part) is detach it and wash, dry and replace.

2.    What does the light on the top indicate?

The light indicates various things, depending on its color and whether it's flashing or not:
- Non-flashing green means the food in the bowl is within recommended weight
- Non-flashing orange means that the weight of the food in the bowl is below that recommended
- Non-flashing red means the food in the bowl is above recommended weight
- Flashing green means that the mobile app is connecting to the SmartBowl
- Flashing red means that the batteries are low and need replacing
For more details, see the user guide.

3.    What kind of plastic is the food compartment made of? Is it safe?

It's made of the latest food grade material called Tritan™. The material doesn't contain BPA, BPS or any bisphenols.

4.    How long will the batteries last?

The PETBLE SmartBowl takes 3 alkaline batteries.They last around one month.

5.    Can I place the SmartBowl on anything to raise it for my pet?

Yes. However, the SmartBowl has an electronic, built-in scale so the surface it is place on must be flat and stable.

6.    Can I serve wet food in the SmartBowl?


7.    Can I place the SmartBowl in the dishwasher?

The transparent, detachable food container is dishwasher safe. However, the main body of the SmartBowl is not. To clean the main body, just wipe with a clean damp cloth.

8.    Can I serve milk in my SmartBowl?

You can serve milk but it's not recommended as the container is quite small and shallow. Also, milk is not heavy enough to trigger any consumption records.

9.    What should I do if I want to give my pet a homemade meal?

Instead of choosing food from the database, you can input your own. To ensure an accurate reading you should include the energy levels provided by the food so the App can make the required calculations.

General FAQ

1.    Can I use PETBLE products abroad?

PETBLE products can be used in all countries which offer access to the Amazon web service. The App relies on communicating with PETBLE's server on Amazon for data management.

2.    How often should I synchronize data with PETBLE App?

We suggest you synchronize data every day as any new record will overwrite the oldest one if the internal memory is full.

3.    What should I do if I can't get the PETBLE App to connect to the SmartTag or SmartBowl?

First, try reconnecting with Bluetooth. If you still encounter a problem, remove then replace the battery from the SmartBowl or return the SmartTag to its docking station for additional charge and try again.

4.    If I have additional questions, who do I contact?

Please email our technical support team on

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