Similar to smart wristbands for humans, the PETBLE SmartTag captures information on a pet's daily activities. Pet owners can review this information using the PETBLE App and compare it with information captured from other pets. They can then decide what to do to ensure their pets get the best from life.


Take Good Care of Your Pet Every Day

PETBLE SmartTag accurately monitors the activity level of your pet. It then communicates with the PETBLE App which suggests ways to keep your pet healthy. This advice takes into account the breed, age, height and weight of your pet.

Durable, Energy Saving

Data is synchronized between the PETBLE SmartTag and PETBLE App via Bluetooth technology.

Waterproof, suitable for all weathers.

Packed with low energy saving technologies, the battery lasts up to 7 days.

A personalized healthy & lifestyle guide for your pet

Work with PETBLE SmartTag

User friendly interface.

Support multiple smart devices.

Tracks your pet's health and, through intelligent analysis, offers advice on how to keep your pet fit and healthy.

Helps your vet understand your pet's needs by providing information on eating habits and exercise routines.

Multiple Pet Tracking

The PETBLE App identifies pets wearing SmartTags and collects data on them

Daily records about 
your pet's health

View your pet's wellness data anytime, anywhere.

Data is synchronized between the PETBLE SmartTag and PETBLE App via Bluetooth technology.

Take a Good Care of Your Pet Everyday

PETBLE SmartTag can accurately detects the activity level of your pet with consideration of its breed, age, height and weight. Coordinating with the PETBLE App, you may set daily activity goals for your pet to ensure a healthy lifestyle.


Size and Weight

47 x 24 x 12 mm (LWH)
Weight: 10 g

Diameter: 87 mm

Other Specs

Rechargeable Lithium Battery, last up to 7 Days

3-Axis Accelerometer

Bluetooth Low Energy Wireless Connection

Dust Resistant, Water Resistant IP67 Certification

LED Light Indicator

Items Included


SmartTag Charger

Silicone Ring

USB Power Cable


Check out  FAQ for more information.

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