SmartTag FAQ

1.    Is it a location tracker?

PETBLE SmartTag is a health management device to monitor pet’s activity level. It is not for location tracking. We believe in helping every pet owner to get better understanding of their pet’s health condition and it will lead to an easier and happier life to all.

2.    How long can it operate for each charge?

After fully charged, normally it can operate for around 7 days. Every time when syncing data to mobile app, battery level reading will be synced as well so user can see remaining battery power for reference. Due to the nature of Lithium polymer battery and it protection circuit, battery level will drop significantly when it is below 30% and circuit will shut it off for protection. So it is recommended to charge it when it is nearly 30% or below.

3.    Is it water-proof?

YES, it is with IP67 standard, which means it is totally dust-proof and water-proof to a level of 1m below water surface for 30mins+. Thus your dog can go swimming with it. (We assume no cat will go swimming ☺)

4.    Can small pet use it?

YES, the SmartTag itself is very light in weight such that it won’t be a burden to their neck.

5.    How to make sure it is fully charged?

When charging with provided docking station, light on SmartTag will glow and it will be off when fully charged.

6.    Why I need to know activity level of my pet?

There are many reason behind this, one is that most people are living a busy urban life-style which hours are spent at work but not enough time to be with your pets to understand every minor change in their health condition. It is a nature of animal to hide their health issue in order to protect itself. And pet cannot “speak” to you about their health situation. So it is important to make sure pet owner can be aware of even minor changes happening to their lovely pets. For example, if my pet dog usually maintained an average 9,000 steps per-day 3 months ago, but it gradually dropped to 6,000 steps per-day, it could mean a health problem developing but hardly be observed without continuous tracking data.

7.    Does it work with different collar size?

Each PETBLE SmartTag come with a silicone ring to attach it to pet collar. As long as your collar is wider than SmartTag too much, or the collar itself is not extremely thick (such as a metal chain), it should work normally.

8.    What do I get in the package?

Each package come with the followings:
- PETBLE SmartTag
- Docking station for charging
- USB charging cable (no data transfer capability)
- Silicone ring
- Printed user guide

9.    Will it explode like some mobile phone battery or other portable charger?

Don’t worry about it, when charging with provided docking station, current is controlled and circuit will cut off after fully charged. And when it is in operation, the voltage and current is very low such that battery will not be over-heat.

10.  What color is available?

Currently it is available in Lemon and Violet.

SmartBowl FAQ

1.    Is it water-proof?

Actually not, if you want to clean up after feeding your pet, simply take the food compartment (the transparent one), wash it, dry it and then place it back to the SmartBowl.

2.    What does the lighting on top edge indicate?

The light will be indicator in the following scenarios:
- It will be blinking in green when mobile app is making connection with SmartBowl.
- When preparing food and measuring weight in real time, the color indicates whether it is near the target: ORANGE when it is below, GREEN when it is within reasonable range and RED when it is above. For details please refer to User Guide.

3.    What kind of plastic the food compartment is made of? Is it safe?

It is made of latest food grade material named Tritan™, which is BPA-free.

4.    How long will be the battery life?

With normal usage, 3 newly installed Alkaline battery can operate for around 1 month.

5.    Can I place anything beneath a SmartBowl to raise it up for my pet?

SmartBowl has an electronic scale built-in so it has to be placed on a firm, solid surface.

6.    Can I serve wet food with SmartBowl?


7.    Can I clean it with washing machine?


8.    Can I serve milk with SmartBowl?

Basically yes, but not recommend since the container is relatively shallow, it can’t hold large volume of milk and the weight difference will not be significant enough to trigger a consumption record.

9.    What should I do to serve my pet with home-made meal?

When preparing meal, instead of choosing food from database, you can create your own food. To do that, you need to provide corresponding energy level, otherwise the app cannot calculate correct amount of energy in-take of your pet.

General FAQ

1.    Can I use it in other countries?

When using PETBLE app for data sync, some of the functions need to communicate with our server on Amazon web service. So as long as you are in the situation where Amazon web service is available, you can use it properly.

2.    How often should I sync data with mobile app?

We suggest data sync every day. If internal memory is already full, new record will overwrite the oldest one, if it has not been synced to mobile app then it will be lost.

3.    When mobile app cannot connect with SmartTag or SmartBowl, what should I do?

Sometimes blue-tooth connection is not that stable, you can try connection again. If it still doesn’t work, you can try removing battery from SmartBowl and put it back as restart, or put SmartTag to docking station for charging and try connection again.

4.    When there is question with usage, whom I can contact with?

Please email to our technical support:

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