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Over half the nation’s dogs and cats are overweight.

The first complete pet health monitoring system

Clinical obesity in pets can lead a number of serious health issues including diabetes, heart disease, kidney failure and liver disease. The PETBLE SmartCare System is the first to combine the tracking of activity and food consumption to give owners a more complete picture of their pet’s health and notifying them of any behaviors that indicate their pet is at risk.


Pet Fitness Tracker


Pet Dietary Monitor

Vet Friendly

360° Pet Health
Track Activity
3-axis accelerometer measures your pet’s movement
Customize Pet’s Profile
Choose from hundreds of dog and cat breeds in our database
Connect with your Vet
App-generated reports help vets diagnose problems using accurate data
Monitor Food Intake
Get eating behavior for multiple pets
Receive Health Updates
Get alerts via the app when your pet’s activity drops below a certain level
Sync Multiple Pets
Create independent profiles for all the pets in your family
Set Exercise Goals
Design exercise routines based on our pet’s profile
Calculate Ideal Portions
Ensure your pet gets the right amount of food everytime

Now available on Android & iOS!

The PETBLE app syncs to the SmartTag and SmartBowl to give pet owners the full picture of their pet's health.

Using the app, pet owners can get daily, weekly, and monthly activity data and feeding patterns, keep their pet's healthy with a tailor made diet and exercise plan, and help ensure your pet gets the right amount of food every single time.

"The app helps me do my job better.
Highly recommended!"

- Catherine B.
(Pet Nutrition Specialist)
Our vet warned us that even being slightly overweight at this age could lead to a host of other health problems down the line. During our last visit, our vet was super impressed by Charlie's healthy weight! Thanks PETBLE!"

- Simone Hartley
The PETBLE Smart System allows pet owners to be more proactive about record keeping, which in turn helps me make a better diagnosis!"

- Dr. Thommas Huang