PETBLE SmartBowl

Besides activity level, food consumption is another important and helpful factor representing pets' health. Carefully controlled diet is vital to maintain a healthy lifestyle and prevent a lot of issues. SmartBowl would help precisely measure amount of food required according to your pets' activities and metrics.

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PETBLE SmartBowl
Not Your Usual Pet Bowl

PETBLE SmartBowl has a built-in electronic scale which works together with the pet identification function of PETBLE SmartTag to record food intake of your pet. The records are analyzed in the PETBLE App to tailor-made a healthy recipe.

Establish a Healthy
Lifestyle for Pet

Transparent Bowl is made from the latest US Tritan ™ plastic to ensure safe, durable, stain resistance and odor resistance

Recommend the right amount of food for your pet based on its weight, calories burned and nutrition of food brand.

Analyze the food intake and activity level to formulate healthy recipes and exercise targets.


Comprehensive Records 
of Pets' Daily Life

Understand the food intake and activity level of your pet at your fingertip via the PETBLE App.

Notify pet owner instantly if any abnormal condition is spotted.

Functional and Unique Home Decoration

Simple and elegant streamline design.

Detachable container for easy cleaning.


Size and Weight

146 x 245 x 267 mm (HWL)
Weight: 1.04kg

Other Specs

Long Battery Life

±1 g Accuracy

Low Energy Wireless Connection

BPA-Free Detachable Container

Items Included


AA Size Alkaline Battery


Check out  FAQ for more information.

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